Our Story


Fire and Earth Kitchen was founded by artist, educator and self taught chef, Renee Press, as a way to bring the beauty of vegan, gluten-free cooking to life. Since 2011, she has been providing the Seattle area with unique cooking classes and personal chef services, sharing her passion for tasty home cooked vegan meals and simplifying the process for everyone. Her original all vegan recipes are developed with a wide range of people in mind. She has been vegan for over 10 years and has brought her creative perspective on plant based cooking into the kitchens of countless people. Originally from the East Coast, Renee spent many years living and working in NYC and traveling the world. Her love of international flavors comes from time spent abroad in South America and the Middle East, as well as a deep passion for Indian cooking.   

Renee's love of creating and teaching comes from a background in the arts and education. She has always been fascinated by food and how it can bring joy and comfort to people. In 2005 she began an exploration into the realm of healthy, vibrant vegetarian cuisine by volunteering at an urban yoga ashram in the heart of NYC. She worked in their well respected kitchen, learning about vegetarian fare and the ingredients that go into it, and helped create the simple yet delicious meals which nourished resident staff and yogis. Being immersed in the fresh flavors of sunchokes, seaweed, sprouts, and sesame, sparked a new type of love affair with food and allowed her to finally treat animals with the compassion she always knew they deserved.  She adopted a vegetarian diet in 2006 and then in 2008 after coming to terms with the reality of the dairy industry she went vegan and never looked back. She has been perfecting her original vegan, naturally gluten-free recipes ever since, sharing them in  homes around the Puget Sound region. She loves desertscapes, kayaking, slow moving rivers, warm climates, all birds, but especially ducks, sweet cats, and more vegan options at non-vegan restaurants.