Recommendations & Local Resources

We are all on the same path, working towards improving our health, the health of our loved ones, the health of our planet. Here are some of our favorite products and resources to help you on your journey.


"How to Cook Everything Vegetarian"  by Mark Bittman

My go-to comprehensive resource by the king of simplified cooking. The title isn't an exaggeration, he covers an enormous amount of information. Including but not limited to, useful kitchen tools, what to look for when shopping, how to make your own bread, tofu, seitan; multiple preparations of almost every vegetable, and everyone's favorite dishes sans meat. Food from multiple cultures is explored in depth. Not exclusively vegan or gluten-free, but many dishes are inherently so. Highly recommended.

"Cafe Flora Cookbook" by Catherine Geier

From Seattle's top vegetarian restaurant, a book filled with delicious culinary treasures from the Northwest. Including recipes for their classic vegan Ceasar salad, Portobello Wellington, Oaxaca Tacos, and many more. Their brunch, pastry, and dessert recipes are spectacular. Highly recommended.

"The Angelica Home Kitchen" by Leslie McEachern

One of my favorite restaurants; Angelica Kitchen is a wonderful vegan establishment in NYC. Their focus is on local and seasonal ingredients, always prepared with a creative twist. Some of their classic recipes include an amazing Shepherd's Pie, Tempeh Reuben sandwich, and homemade vegan sour cream. All recipes are vegan, not all are gluten-free. Some require a bit more time to prepare.

"The Flavor Bible" by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg

An amazing book, a hugely valuable resource on pairing ingredients for maximum culinary creativity. The world's most imaginitive chefs give their take on what spices combine well with potatoes, what flavors go with both eggplant and lime, and what ingredients pair best with strawberries and chocolate. Alphabetically arranged by ingredient, the lists go on and on. It's a great work which inspires experimentation and intuitive cooking. Highly recommended.


Manjula's Kitchen

A wonderful site for Indian cooking. Recipes are all on video, which is very helpful for learning new techniques and working with unfamiliar ingredients. Manjula is often referred to as "Auntie" and is the warm, sweet, patient Indian grandma you wish you had. She demonstrates many varieties of quick breads, pakora, curries, and veggies. Many vegan dishes. All prepared simply and with love. Highly recommended.

Vegan Richa

Beautiful food photography and solid vegan recipes are standard on this lovely blog. Recipes are creative, often easy to prepare, and always enticingly photographed.

Oh She Glows

Another lovely site, with beautiful photography and interesting recipes. All vegan, many gluten free, soy free, nut free. There is a focus on creative sweets, and blogging about the journey to a healthier life through conscious eating and fitness.

Vegetarian Times

A great general resource for veg recipes. You can browse by dietary restriction, holiday menu, regional cuisine, even by season. Nice variety, and always tasty, well-tested recipes.

Happy Cow-The Healthy Eating Guide

A wonderful resource for finding local restaurants and businesses that promote healthy veg eating and lifestyles. They've been providing listings for compassionate businesses since 1999.

Vegan Score

A great local blog regularly updated with recommendations for vegan restaurants, events, products, films, books, you name it! Great resource.


A local resource for all things vegan in Seattle. Restaurants, cooking classes, recipes, vegan stores, and more. Always reliable. Check them out.

Please check the Recipes section on our site as well.


Lenny's Produce: Excellent fresh fruit and vegetable market in Greenwood. They have very reasonably priced produce, and always get new items in to experiment with. One week fresh banana flower blossoms, another week pea vines. They don't often sell organic produce, so stick to things that you are comfortable buying non organic. I usually stock up on mushrooms here, as they sell fresh Shiitakes for a very affordable price, and many other varieties. Also good is the garlic, yucca root, plantains, coconuts, and fresh tamarind. Great place to find the less than common. There is a focus on Asian and Eastern European fare.

Goodie's Mediterranean Market: This gem of a store is in a very unassuming building on Lake City Way in Seattle. They are run by a lovely family who just happens to sell some of the best homemade hummus and baba ghanoush in Seattle. They also carry olives, Medjool dates (get the ones by the pound on the counter), fresh herbs, many spices, giant jars of tahini, avocado oil, and organic olive oil. The list goes on, support a wonderful local business who adds much to the culinary community.

Indian Sweets: This little Indian grocery in Shoreline is a great find. They carry hundreds of spices in bulk, as well as beans, lentils, and many varieties of rice (including a nice organic basmati). They should be your go-to store for all of your Indian cooking needs. They also sell traditional Indian cookwear, incense, and some beautiful Indian jewelry. Stock up!

Central Market: A grocery store similar in scope to Whole Foods or PCC, but with better prices. Central Market offers a full selection of everything you need to maintain a healthy plant based diet. Their produce department is huge and consistently high quality. They have an enormous selection of Asian foods (incuding massive amounts of yummy seaweed), a comprehensive bulk department including spices and teas, and a full hot and cold food bar. Additionally the staff is lovely, and they often have yummy food to sample on the weekends. Check them out.


New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary

Pasado's Safe Haven

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Farm Sanctuary