"It is Bon Appétit healthy gourmet food. C'est magnifique! Very patient and articulate Chefs. I learned a lot!"

Claudine E.

"Renee is an amazing chef and her recipes are so delicious. If you are on a plant based diet, or trying to be more healthy, I highly recommend working with Renee. Every meal is prepared gluten free, soy free and vegan, and can be tailored to your personal taste and preferences. She is a great teacher and also provides prepared meals for times when you are in pinch. We have really benefited from working with Renee and will continue to do so in the years to come!"

Jessica K.

"My wife and I are interested in eating a healthier, more plant-based diet and I happen to have come across Renee recently at a Farmer's Market. We decided to give her a try. We are really happy that we did. She showed up promptly on the designated day with all of the groceries and efficiently cooked four entrees for us. So far we have tried Amaranth and Lentil Patties with Avocado Cream which were crispy and delicious and some excellent lasagna made with pumpkin seed ricotta. We did not even miss the cheese! As a plus, everything she prepared for us was gluten free, something that is a huge plus for me since I am gluten sensitive. We will be having her back soon."

Nina A.

"Renee and Nick are wonderful teachers. Very fun and relaxed atmosphere. We learned so much in such a short time and didn't want the class to end. We are anxious to apply our new cooking skills using new spices. Highly recommend for anyone, vegetarian or not. Class is a great opportunity to meet new people, a low-key date night or family gathering. 5 stars!"

Ron V.

"We drove 4 hours for this class and it was well worth it. Renee and Nick provide such a warm, knowledgeable and accessible learning environment. The class was well-paced and both myself (a former chef) and my partner (someone who can use the microwave) both benefitted from the lesson. What made the class unique was the knowledge they had behind the ingredients. Interesting tidbits about health benefits were peppered (pun intended) throughout the evening. At the end of it all, the resulting dishes were delicious. Also, don't be scared by the vegan, gluten free part. Several people who attended the class that were neither and were thrilled with the result. This is a great education event, a fun idea for a date night and a well-put together evening. We are looking forward to doing another Fire and Earth class in the future."

Annie L.

"I attended your cooking class last night at Polyclinic for Dr. Baumgaertel's menu for change program. It was the BEST cooking class I have ever attended. I learned a great deal, and the food was delicious. I'm going to make the chili this weekend."

Kyung H., M.D.

"I learned so much about adding flavor to food using spices.  Renee made the most delicious and healthy dishes including Amaranth and Red Lentil Patties, Sweet Red Lentil and Rice Soup, and my favorite - Chickpea O the Sea Salad Lettuce Cups.   If you're looking for ways to make fast and delicious vegan meals, Fire and Earth is a must!"

Sandie V.

"My daughter had Renee come to her house to do a cooking class for her husband as a Father's Day present - we had 3 generations there for the class and we had so much fun! Renee was focused, encouraging & supportive of our interest in eating healthier. Our family has made several stops and starts into the Vegan/Gluten free food experience and we always found that there was a disconnect in knowing how the food should look or taste prior to trying a recipe, not to mention how incredibly labor intensive most recipes were.  Renee changed all that forever - we completed 3 complete recipes in just under 2 hours and they were so delicious we immediately stocked up on the ingredients to make them for ourselves at home. Renee's  nutritional tips " use XX for this type of flavor but it also gives you YYY health benefit" were informative and quite thought provoking."            

Mickie X.

"I attended a class today with Renee and Nick and just loved it! I was vegan for a few years and am now trying to come back to a more plant based diet for myself, as well as to learn how to prepare healthier foods for my husband and children. Renee had such a great knowledge of food, and the dishes she prepared were so delicious! I can't wait to implement all of these ideas into my own kitchen and to attend another class...maybe even host my own someday! Thank you Renee and Nick for your dedication to teaching others how to eat healthy and cruelty free. Love and gratitude..."        

Cecilia A.

"My husband purchased a private cooking class for our anniversary and it was the perfect gift. We not only ended up with 3 meals in two hours but we learned a lot about nutrition along the way. Renee was a pleasure to learn from and super welcoming. We're excited for a group class next! "

Nicole T.

"My girlfriend and I had Renee over for a private cooking lesson in our home. Renee was very knowledgeable about the food we were cooking and offered great tips on how to add even more nutrition to our every day meals. All three of the dishes we prepared were delicious and we had plenty of leftovers! We will definitely be returning to the recipes often and experimenting with the tips she gave us during the class. Lastly, Renee was very personable and we were comfortable having her in our home. We recommend Fire and Earth Kitchen without hesitation!"  

Bryan B.

"Renee is a passionate and creative artist. Her food is vibrant with unique flavor. If you are looking for someone to help change your daily food choices, learn how to cook simply and delicious, or want to be exposed to what vegan eating is like Renee is your go to girl!  I was visiting from out of town (san diego) and I was looking for great food to share with my family...I was fortunate to have found Fire and Earth Kitchen."

Ashleigh W.

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